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Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Monday Morning!  Well, it is still overcast, grey and rainy here in eastern North Carolina.  How I wish for some blue skies. Today is "Blue" Monday, but, I don't feel blue (ha ha, that's a little corny) because it's such a beautiful color.  The color blue is calming, tranquil, and is the most gender neutral color.  It is attached to a lot of phrases in our speech such as "got the blues", "out of the blue", "blue plate special".
The first things most of us think of are blue skies and blue seas.  So, here are a few blue inspirations for you.
Blue Pots

Blue Ridge Mountains

Ocean Blue
And here are a few fun blue facts you might not know.

The color blue has been shown to help solve creative problems.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue twice as much as any other color

Blue is a favorite color choice for toothbrushes.

The color blue makes eating  unappealing so it's a good dieting color for plates.  (no, I did not make this up, I actually read it on the internet somewhere.)

Painting the ceilings of your porches a light sky blue color will deter spiders and other bugs from
making their homes there.


So, on this blue Monday morning, let me leave you with some blue skies.

Blue Skies over Cape Lookout, NC

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  1. Aha - so that's why all the porch ceilings are blue! I've often wondered - and I've asked, but nobody has known . . . till now. I also now know why I'm such a hit with the mosquitoes and folks having outdoor parties.