The art quilt is a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration.
  I am sure that most of you have heard of the North Carolina Quilt Trail, but in case you haven't, this seems to be a good time to mention it. My husband and I discovered the by accident several years ago when we were visiting our son at Appalachia State U and we were immediately hooked into trying to find them all.  Concentrated mainly in the western part of North Carolina, the quilt trail is another wonderful aspect of living in our region. It is especially appealing to me since I love seeing these old barns out in the countryside and when they are decorated with a large, beautiful, brightly colored quilt block, well wow, that's the icing on the cupcake!  Finding these barns is a treasure hunt and if you go to the mountains to find a Christmas tree this year, it would be fun to look for some of these beautiful barns.  I can see a whole series of landscape quilts featuring the quilt trail barn!  If you want to investigate further, here's a link to the Quilt Trail web page.

And, here's a few inspirational photos.  I have plenty more and am happy to share them with you during December.

And finally, let me again mention this great opportunity.  SAQA International Artist Panel Mentorship Webinar

Tuesday, December 9 at 1 pm ET
The International Artists Panel will include three international SAQA members sharing their art quilts and discussing how their creative lives are influenced by the places they live. Alicia Merrett was born and raised in Argentina and lives in the United Kingdom. Barbara Lange and Uta Lenk live in Germany. This webinar is an outstanding opportunity to learn about some of SAQA’s international members and be inspired by these talented art quilters.
Please click the following link to register. Registration is limited, but all SAQA members will have access to the full audio and video recording of the webinar on the SAQA website within a few days after the event.

And as usual, if you have any news or events you would like to pass along to our regional members, let me know!

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